Fourth Broadcast of the Fall Semester (2019)

Fourth Broadcast of the Fall Semester (2019) in the Cola Factoryyyy. Today we kicked off with some groovy new wave and 70s/80s pop. We took a look at the Fun Boy Three, 1983 version of "Our Lips Are Sealed" and discussed the creation of that particular song (originally released by The Go-Go's in 1981.

  • 1:14pm Our Lips Are Sealed by Fun Boy Three on Waiting (Chrysalis)
  • 1:17pm High Wire by Men at Work on Cargo (Columbia)
  • 1:20pm So Long by ABBA on ABBA (Polar)
  • 1:27pm Age of Consent by New Order on Power, Corruption & Lies (Factory)
  • 1:32pm Suburbia by Pet Shop Boys on Please (Parlophone)
  • 1:37pm Pulled Up by Talking Heads on Talking Heads: 77 (Sire)
  • 1:42pm Baby Driver by Simon & Garfunkel on Bridge over Troubled Water (Columbia)
  • 1:45pm 4 + 20 by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on Déjà Vu (Atlantic)
  • 1:48pm Getting in Tune by The Who on Who's Next (Track)
  • 1:54pm One More Night by Bob Dylan on Nashville Skyline (Columbia)
  • 1:56pm Free Four by Pink Floyd on Obscured by Clouds (Harvest)
  • 2:03pm Underwriter Statements by WMHB Sponsors on Underwriter Statements (Underwriting)
  • 2:05pm Kings Road by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on Hard Promises (Backstreet)
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