Dec 15 2023

  • 5:32am Make Love to Me by Annee 2CU Blues on Blues Out of the Cupboard (Self)
  • 5:37am Only Guiding Light by 8 Ball Aitken on Ice Cream Man 2 (Self)
  • 5:41am A Thousand Heartaches by Blood Brothes on Blood Brothers Live in Canada (Gulf Coast Records)
  • 5:47am Ten Years Ago by Monster Mike Welch on Nothing But Time (Gulf Coast Records)
  • 5:54am Plenty More to Be Grateful For by Selwyn Birchwood on Exorcist (Alligator Records)
  • 8:03am Hayloft Blues by Tomislav Goluban on Crazy Hill Live (Blue Heart Records)
  • 8:06am Tail Wags the Dog by Andre Bisson on Latchford (Self)
  • 8:10am Dancing on the Floor by Until the Sun on Enchantment (Self)
  • 8:16am Lost My Mind by Chris O'Leary on The Hard Line (Alligator Records)
  • 8:19am That Ain't Right by Tom Buenger on Blues from Caucasia (Self)
  • 8:24am The New Normal by Guitar Jack Wargo on The New Normal (War God Records)
  • 8:29am 5-10-15 Hours by Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind on Behind the Veil (Gulf Coast Records)
  • 8:34am The River by Richard Rozze on Lion (Waterbound Records)
  • 8:41am Take a Ride by The Dig 3 on Damn the Rent (Self)
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