Eurohour 04/26/21

Exposing the listeners of Colby's radio station to the dance music of modern-day Europe.

  • 5:39pm Wake Me Up by Avicii on True (PRMD Island)
  • 5:43pm SOS by Avicii on TIM (PRMD Island)
  • 5:48pm Stockholm by BROHUG on LOCKDOWN (BROHOUSE)
  • 5:52pm Lost Cowboys by BROHUG on LOCKDOWN (PRMD Island)
  • 5:55pm ON FIRE by JOYRYDE on BRAVE (HARD Recs)
  • 6:02pm WINDOWS by JOYRYDE on WINDOWS (HARD Recs)
  • 6:05pm Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito on Flamingo (Flawless World)
  • 6:10pm Bailar Riddim by Simon Fava on ENOURMOUS TUNES (ENOURMOUS TUNES)
  • 6:14pm Move Your Body by Solardo on Move Your Body (Ultra Music)
  • 6:18pm Free Your Body by Solardo on Black Book (Ultra Music)
  • 6:22pm Get Your Money by Solardo on Get Your Money (Ultra Music)
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