EuroHour 02/15/21

Exposing the listeners of Colby's radio station to the dance music of modern-day Europe.

  • 5:04pm Sign of the Times by Harry Styles on Harry Styles (Columbia Records)
  • 5:07pm To Be So Lonely by Harry Styles on Fine Line (Columbia Records)
  • 5:13pm Hey Boy Hey Girl by The Chemical Brothers on Brotherhood (Freestyle Dust)
  • 5:17pm Beast Of Burden by The Rolling Stones on SameGirls (Rolling Stones)
  • 5:22pm Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones on Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones)
  • 5:28pm Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones on Let It Bleed (Decca Records)
  • 5:34pm Help! by The Beatles on Help! (Parlophone)
  • 5:39pm Come Together by The Beatles on Abbey Road (Apple)
  • 5:41pm Ballie by Idris Elba on Destructo (7Wallace)
  • 5:47pm Girl With The Bat by Idris Elba on Girl With The Bat (7Wallace)
  • 5:53pm Baiana by Bakermat on The Ringmaster (Be Yourself Music)
  • 5:57pm One Day (Vaandag) by Bakermat on One Day (Vaandag) (Délicieuse Records)
  • 6:00pm Baby by Bakermat on Baby (Dirty Soul)
  • 6:04pm Jongen Van De Straat by Lil Kleine on Jongen Van De Straat (Hitmen Music)
  • 6:08pm Vandaan by Lil Kleine on Jongen Van De Straat (TopNotch)
  • 6:11pm Krantenwijk by Lil Kleine on Alleen (TopNotch)
  • 6:15pm Catch & Release by Matt Simons on When The Lights Go Down (Ultra)
  • 6:19pm Ketamine by Vandalism on GANGBANG (Raw Music Records)
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