EuroHour 11/16/20

  • 5:04pm Formidable by Stromae on Racine Carrée (Mosaert)
  • 5:07pm Formidable by Stromae on Racine Carrée (Mosaert)
  • 5:11pm Alors on danse by Stromae on "alors on danse" (Mosaert)
  • 5:16pm Baianá by Bakermat on The Ringmaster (Sony Music Entertainment )
  • 5:19pm One Day (Vandaag) - Radio Edit by Bakermat on One Day (Song Music Entertainment )
  • 5:23pm Baby by Bakermat on Baby (Song Music Entertainment )
  • 5:27pm Amore e Capoeira (feat. Giusy Ferreri & Sean Kingston) by Takagi & Ketra on Amore e Capoeira (Takagi & Ketra)
  • 5:29pm JAMBO by Takagi & Ketra on JAMBO (Takagi & Ketra)
  • 5:33pm Mala Mujer by C. Tangana on Mala Mujer (Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 5:37pm Booty by C. Tangana on Booty (Sony Music Entertainment )
  • 5:41pm Bad Karma (Radio Edit) by Axel Thesleff on Bad Karma (Khatru Music)
  • 5:46pm Eco - CloZee Remix by Axel Thesleff on Two Worlds (Khatru Music)
  • 5:51pm Où va le monde by La Femme on Mystère (Born Bad Records)
  • 5:57pm Sur la planche 2013 by La Femme on Psycho Tropical Berlin (Born Bad Records)
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